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  • Custom-fit Earpieces

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Exemplary Team of Doctors. I have been a patient of Medical Center Hearing Aids, Ltd since 1995. There are not enough words to express the professionalism, kindness and caring this team provides. The only place I will go for my hearing aid needs.

- Patricia B.

A few words about MCHA. I came there about 20 years ago because they were close and I loved the services when I walked away with a new aid. It was great. The aid they put me in was exactly suited to my hearing loss. I remember thinking that wow this aid really seems to be so much better than my past aids. Remarkably so. Didn't think a lot about it-why it was better. I moved to a different part of town so when I needed a new aid I bought form someone else that was close. That set off about 10 or 15 years or buying hearing aids from hearing aid dispensers close to me and I never got a one I was happy with. NEVER>crappy...all of them! Well I now know that just about anyone call sell hearing aids, doesn't take a doctor or even a medical professional. You can have...I have had people that know very little about what they're doing (compared to a doctor) selling me hearing aids. So recently I relocated again back where I was close to their office so I naturally went back to them when I had to get a new aid. Same thing...it was shocking to me how much better I heard when Joan gave me the new aid. Again, it was the exact aid I needed, for me. This team of medical professionals and doctors (yeah, doctors) are not dispensers. They are experts in this field of medicine. I will never go to another hearing aid place, period. I love Joan, she is a saint...she has been to me anyway. I am thankful she is taking care of me. And Helen, I feel the same way. I don't know anyone else there by name but the whole team are just like these two. Dedicated professionals and I just love them. Don't go anywhere else. These guys are the best in Houston, they don't cost any more than a typical hearing aid dispenser and it is worth going out of your way to go there. Love you guys!!!!

- Thomas L.

I am very pleased with the results of my hearing aids from Medical Center Hearing Aids. It is wonderful to again be a part of all of the conversation in a variety of setting from dinner parties to teaching.

- Robert L.

I love my hearing aids, they changed my life.

- Ray L.

Having a hearing problem can make life difficult. I have tried several different brands of hearing aids and after many trials, ReSound has been the best fit for me. There are so many accessories that help you function in normal every day life. The staff at Medical Center Hearing Aids, Ltd. have been so helpful, professional and kind. They truly care about their patients and give them all the time needed for their appointments.

- Stephen W.